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Originally Posted by livingword26 View Post
Actually that looks like a Top FinŽ Submersible Aquarium Heater to me. I think that the water line is a "Minimum" water line.
I believe we have a similar model to the one in that link. Have had no issues with the heater so far but it is usually on only during the morning and I try to keep an eye on the temperature. Reviews lead me to believe any heater can be faulty so its definitely something to watch out for. Fried fishies wouldn't be a good day for me :'(

Originally Posted by livingword26 View Post
Nice looking aquarium. If your are like the rest of us, you are already thinking about your next (bigger) one.
Appreciate the compliment! I really want a 20 long at the moment. I would like to keep the existing tank going though so I'm looking for a 2 tank stand. Nothing seems to be sturdy enough or fit what I'm looking for style wise. May build my own! :O What plant are you growing on your substrate? I was thinking for the 20 I wanted to go for the carpeted effect.

Originally Posted by CatB View Post
nice tank, but that seems really soon to be adding fish...maybe not. are you sure the tank is fully cycled, have you been testing?
(also, those amazon swords will get HUGE in time, watch out for that)
The tank cycled pretty quickly with the plants that were from an existing planted tank at our local fish store. Before we had fish there were pond snails and I think rams horn snails that came on the plants(as eggs). They were thriving on algae that was growing due to excess nutrients in the water much before we added fish. We've been checking the water throughout the process with the api test kits. The tank was 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and between 2.5 and 5ppm of nitrate when we added the fish, so pretty close to ideal water conditions.

During the cycling process we observed a spike in ammonia and nitrite which the snails seemed to have no problem with(not that I wanted to expose them to toxic water, but didn't have much of a choice). The pond snails breathe air also so I don't think the water quality had a huge effect on them.

As for maintenance we are doing ~30% water changes every friday and trimming plants if needed. The shimp seem to enjoy eating some dead leaves so if theres not too many I just let them be. Going for a more natural balanced eco system(as natural as fish in glass tanks can get at least :P). At this rate the water change happens around when the nitrate reaches about 5ppm.

I'm hoping the swords continue doing well, I've already planted some of the "baby swords" that grew almost entirely in our tank(off the stems that come out). They are growing really fast. Planning to grow enough to have a decent amount of plants to move to the 20g whenever that happens. Always good to save some money!

Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Good looking tank
Thank you Your 75 looks good! Wish I had room for a bigger tank... someday...

Excuse the lengthy post
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