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Originally Posted by jahmic View Post
Whoa, tank is looking amazing! I was gone for a few months and missed the rescape...well done.
Thanks! The tank has been coming along. I lost all of the apisto babies, the apisto mom decided she did not want them anymore and abandoned them, and my best guess is that the endlers got them hopefully next time she will be more patient, or I will take the babies out and raise them in my 10g.

I am having a problem with my stellatus (broad leaf) after a major replant the other week they decided to drop all their lower leaves. We will see how they go this next couple weeks. no noticeable growth out of them either since the replant. Great color though.

this tank is nearing its end as well. in about 6-9 months I am going to be tearing it down for a tank with better dimensions. I was given the ok to buy a 40 breeder, the shallower tank will make it easier to get the right light level at the substrate, and the longer and deeper tank will make my rainbows happier. I have a lead on some pretty rare Rainbows, and once I get the 40B setup, I am going to see about acquiring a group of them. I really want more Kamaka's as well, they are great fish, and apparently good jumpers. I lost my female Kamaka due probably to a mosquito or moth that flew a bit to close to the water top.

No new pictures yet, but hopefully at the end of the week if I get some stellatus growth.
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