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Thanks for the comments peoples. Some additional information. Been testing the tank water with Tetra strips until about 4 days ago when I ran out. There's always been a good amount of ammonia and nitrite in the water. So, I am a bit awed that there's no trace of either in the water now at least that's what the API tester is telling me. Wondering whether one of these tests is less accurate than the other.

I was scratching my head about the lack of nitrate too. Could the moss be sucking it up? I've got 7 shrimps in the tank, and I read somewhere that you only need one to produce enough ammonia to kick start the cycling process? (I know I shouldn't add the lil guys into the tank until the tank is cycled, but I purchased the snowballs even before I got the tank...)

Lastly, as you can see in my fts, I am not using substrate at the moment. So, I can see the excrement on the tank floor. I took delivery of an Eheim vacuum couple of days ago and cleaned up maybe 40% of the excrement. Still lots left. Anyways, here has to be some ammonia in the water....

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