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Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
Hey Zefrik,

It looks pretty good, but almost "uniformly" green. Have you thought about topping and replanting your red stems for a bolder red portion of the tank? Have you thought about getting some Ludwigia sp. "Red" for an accent color, or are you trying to do various shades and leaf textures of green color?

You have some nice, lush growth, for sure! It will be interesting to see what this tank evolves into once you get the rest of the plants in there.

How do you dose your ferts? EI or PPD method?
About the lack of red, I am getting ready to move this tank. I am planning on replanting everything in a better position after the move is over. For now I have been throwing plants in and "farming" them.

As for the dosing, I have not really done a lot of research about different methods yet so I just kinda dose blindly. I know it is not the best but I am hoping to learn more about dosing soon. I am using aquavitro stuff. I got it really cheap when I worked at a lfs. But I cannot find it anywhere else so I have started to buy some seachem flourish products to replace them. I think I will try Pfertz once I have some money. Or I may try some dry ferts. I just feel a little uneasy using them. Is there a good article on dosing that covers a good amount of it? I would like to find one but I can't seem to find one that I am able to use or comprehend! I feel so stupid. Haha
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