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Originally Posted by Bushkill View Post
Another thought: The sponge filter over the pump will clog faster than you think. The end result will be loss of / difficult to control flow.
Thanks for that link! Those things are so cool looking! That's pretty much what I had pictured in my mind when I first sketched it on paper. It seems like the same concept pretty much lol. Even has a submersible pump. Weird. Everything I invent is already invented lol.

Anyway, I will be proceeding to build this in a couple days of course allowing time also for silicone to dry but yeah, pretty excited to see how badly I can fail lol.

It will be hanging basically on top of the rim. Just gotta figure out how to hang it there without it looking terrible ha.

Well if I put the sponge encasing the pump then wouldn't that stop from clogging? I plan to hide the sponge behind some driftwood.
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