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Originally Posted by Craigthor View Post
Altums truely need a 30" tall tank as they can grow to 15" tall.
Wow. Well the LFS has some very tiny juveniles available, so I was considering it, but after your little bombshell I guess I might have to pass! @ pandacory, I'll keep you posted. At the moment the G6 is very nice but one shouldn't expect high flow out of it. Given that my tank is only a 90P and thus under 50G, I think it's sufficient, but it's not worth the price for a larger volume if high flow is an important criteria. Don't get me wrong, the flow is decent, just not that powerful. Hard to describe without a video, which I can't make atm . As for the Grobeam 1000, it's without a doubt a very impressive LED fixture. It's convinced me to invest the extra $$ for LEDs despite the lower costs for other lighting alternatives. I'll let the plant growth speak for itself in a few weeks. And for everyone else who's been following the thread, the tank should be here sometime next week! FINALLY!!!
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