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Concept Filter Design! Need input :P

So I was going to build a canister filter and then this idea popped into my head. I would just buy a cheap canister filter but I already have an extra water pump and so it would cost my like 10 dollars to make this.


Step 1: Submersible pump at bottom encased in sea sponge acts as sponge filter.

Step 2: Passes through first bottle chamber and filter media of choice.

Step 3: Passes through second bottle chamber and filter media of choice.

Step 4: Second bottle has holes drilled to act as a spray bar

Step 5: Water re-entry into tank.

So drew up the design. Sounds like it could work. Just need to make water tight seals with silicone where tubing meets bottle. Also was thinking of using the "smart water" bottles with the squirt mouth piece and fitting tubing over the mouth pieces and sealing.

Not a very original idea but I put some minor twists on a common concept.

Bottles will be mounted on top of back wall of aquarium. Need ideas for mounting!
Oh and this project is for a 10 gallon.

Let me know what you think. If it would work, pros, cons, etc.
Picture below.

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