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Cool Aweeby's Mini-S- Flooded and looking disastrous.

I guess it's time to start a journal for this thing.

After an impromptu cross island bus journey, I acquired an almost complete ADA Mini-S setup for $100, from a member here who's moving away. It has become my dream tank. So I decided, hey, since I now own a setup that could've easily emptied my savings account had I bought it new, I really should invest an extra dollar or two and do it right. By right, I mean keeping the messy substitutes out of sight and minimal. I do love DIY, but this tank is so beautiful, even my could-care-less parents commented on it. It deserves better. Feast your eyes upon the loveliness.

Yeah, yeah. It's all the same stuff you've seen a million times before. But it's mine this time. that makes it 20x better.

So here are some stats:
Tank: ADA Mini-S
Filter: Zoomed 501
Lighting: Archaea PC 27W
CO2: Pressurized, first via full system, then via PB, jaggedfury style
Glassware: nano drop checker, nano diffuser, 9mm Glass Lily pipes (knockoffs, but who's complaining, really-ADA doesn't even make 9mm)
Ferts: No idea. Probably a light EI though.

Soil: New Amazonia, Normal type, 3L
Stones: Seiryu
Wood: (?) Potentially manzanita twigs.

No idea.

No idea, but I know I'd want to live in this thing.

At this point, I really have no idea. I just have all the stuff and am itching to get started!

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