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Originally Posted by chomper149 View Post
It simply needs to hold tanks/ not be furniture grade. Im a college student with a lack of tools/ transport for now. So cheapest and sturdiest stand possible would be best. But would a stand made for 75 gallon tanks hold 10 gallon tanks widthwise on the bottom? And i have looked into making one but it i figure it would be easier for someone to just throw one together than for me to plan/ get the proper things. Id also need plywood on at least the bottom. incase i throw 10s or a canister on it and such.
If you are uncertain of whether you want 10 or 20 gal on the bottom, it's certaily best to use plywood on the bottom. If you kow the exact tanks that you would be using, I prefer to use 1/2 insulation foam. Why insulation foam? I use foam around most of my tanks to keep heat in an out of my tanks. If you know the exact tank placement on the stand, support can be placed so that all edges of the tanks are under support.

Let me know exactly what you want, I can put a quote together for you to build one. I can knock one of these out fairly quickly.

Just let me know. I can definitely deliver it for you.

1. How high you want the bottom of the first tank.
2. How deep you want the stand.

If I recall correctly, 10 gal is 20" long so unless you build it 20" deep, it won't work.

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