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10 gallon Metaframe - Nature Style/Aqueon

This week I will pick up a 10 gallon Metaframe tank I got off of Craig's List, I wanted the whole retro setup with a light, stand, etc. but I have only come up with the tank because they are so heavy the shipping is often more than the tank, so local buys only.

I am jumping the gun but I need some input, the style of the tank will be Amano's nature style with a hardscape of rocks and or wood, it should also only have 3 to 5 species of plant, schooling fish and maybe some cleaning crew like Amano shrimp and a Orange Zebra Oto. It should resemble a scene from nature with plants a bit mixed or random and it will be entered into this years GWAPA aquascaping contest in the beginner category because this will be my first nature style tank.

So far this is what I have;

Tank - I will pick up this week, the tank leaked after only a couple of weeks and it has been repaired but I'll start another project with it soon.

Pressurized C02, I want a good atomizer or something hidden - update; going with a Rex Grigg reactor/heater combo

Light - I've sent aquastyleonline a request for a price quote; - update; they never replied

3 Bridgelux 10k LEDs Update; I went with 10 x 10k and 10 x 6,500k form a ebay vendor and under powered the lights and no blue
2 Bridgelux 6,500 LEDs
2 Bridgelux Royal Blue 452-455nm LEDs
7 60 degree optical lenses
1 Maxwellen LED Dimmable Driver (7-12)x3w update; used a Mean Well ELN 60-48D1 (2"X0.9"X22")
Aluminum Heatsink, I'll need to trim it to size update; no heatsink was required when under powering the lights
1 potentiometer (control dimming)
1 meter of wire
2 wire connectors
1 power cord

1 8 cm fan kit update; no fan was needed with the under powered lights
1 moonlight with 3 modules

Eheim 2215, I've had this filter for a long time but I'm worried it's too big for this tank, suggestions?

Not Sure but I don't won't it in the tank

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia - I wish that I had all the additives to go with it

Rocks to the left stacked
Driftwood hanging from the rocks, maybe
with open area to the right and possibly a little white sand in the front

Plants - these may change?
Fissidens fontanus sp. mini
Vesicularia montagnei
Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan'
Staurogyne repens
Cryptocoryne wendtii green gecko
Najas sp. 'Roraima'

And they did change, so here's whats in the tank
Cryptocoryne lutea
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Florida Sunset'
Eleocharis sp. 'GWAPA' collected from the Potomac river near D.C., I think
Fissidens fontanus
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Lilaeopsis mauritiana
Rotala macrandra 'Japan red'

I know this is a lot of junk to fit in a little 10 gallon tank, but I'm going to give it my best shot. Here's the regulator I just saved it's a Victor VTS-200 dual stage, I have a Burkert 6011 solenoid & a Fabco NV-55 being delivered this week. This regulator failed after only a week or two, gassing off a whole 5# tank but I like it so much I tried to find a rebuild kit but so far I have had no luck. So I'm using the unit off of my 150 gallon tank.

I also started to put some small pieces of driftwood together, I whittled, carved, and drilled some holes to put it together without any fasteners, it was pretty tight to begin with but after is soaked for a couple of hours and swelled a bit it was rock solid.

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