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Originally Posted by freakonareef View Post
Check out:

Blue Reef Aquatics

Trop Aquarium

Lucky Tropical


These are the only store I know of besides the chain stores like petco and petmart
Just an update- F.I.S.H closed a couple of months ago.

Atlantis is ok, but it's erratic. Some plants.

Lucky Tropical still is cramped but gets in some really good stuff sometimes, and they MAY be moving to a larger store. Some plants.

Got Caudopunk and Calvus pairs that are thriving at Trop Aquarium- they have some local breeders, still have a good rep

(updated 6/24/12) Petco at South Rainbow has couple of really good aquarists, one is there weekdays...just finding them there is the trick

Aquatic Empires- mostly reef. Their freshwater isn't much right now. To be fair, they are expanding and moving it to the new area in the store, so they are getting rid of stock, etc. They are authorized dealers for Innovative Marine, so you can drool over the Nuvo Tanks and SkkyeLights. They will order for you, and their prices are in line with what you see on the internet.

Lance's Aquarium- very knowlegable, lifelong hobbiest and store owner. Beautiful stock, but small store and limited freshwater.

Haven't seen ADA in any stores yet.

29g heavily planted SA: driftwood, rock, currently a mess
8g Nuvo: Blue Dreams and Velvets, driftwood, java moss and crypts. A jungle.
10g 3x divided Betta planted with no Bettas, only snails. Yes, I have backslid.



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