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Initial planting

Guppies are in!! I'm gonna have to figure out how to turn the filter down because they are getting blasted around... lol. Plants so far are vals, crispus, narrow leaf amazon sword, crypt wendtii red/green, crypt parva. Going to scour the beach for rocks for a hardscape today

My first impressions are wow, this tank is pretty good for an all in one! Can't go wrong with a 40gph pump with a lot of media space in a less than 2 gallon tank, lol, but with the pump turned down all the way and some sponge crammed behind the overflow it's nothing guppies can't handle. The light is decent for a kit light, should definitely be bright enough for the low light plants I've got in there. It looks sleek too. I'd LOVE it if it was about a gallon bigger... but it's perfect for a betta, small fish like guppies, micro fish, or shrimp We'll see how it holds out over time.

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