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Jag's Betta Spec! Update 9/16

Bought a Spec on impulse today. It was there and I wanted it. It was expensive but I wanted it. I'm broke but I still wanted it. So I got it. Paid too much and it was out of the box but whatever.

I bought it mostly because I'm trying to downsize. I have a 33g community tank, an empty 60-P, and a derimmed 10g.

The 10g has 4 guppies in it. I intend to put 3 of them (the males) in the Spec tonight. Then I'm taking the fish out of the 33 (9 harlequin rasboras and 1 GBR) and putting them in the cycled 10 with the female guppy and then getting rid of the 33. My next paycheck is going towards a stand for the 60-P. Once the 60-P is ready and cycled, the ram and rasboras are going in that. And then I'm buying some new stock, and will use the 10g for quarantine, and when that's done, the 10g will be taken down and put into storage for use at a later time. That's the plan, anyway... sounds solid but it could change.

So my plans for the Spec.

I'm leaving the original sponge thing in it. But I took out the carbon and squashed some very dirty cycled sponge from the 10g in it. If that's a bad idea someone let me know lol.

I am going to take some sand out of my 33, boil it to kill the nasties living on it (cyano) and put it in the bottom, for now. I am going to soak some leftover New Aqua Soil in a container and put it in when the ammonia is done leeching.

I am going to heavily plant the tank with a small piece of driftwood or stone. Since I'm just putting guppies in it I want to make it sort of bottom heavy, densely planted on the bottom but open up top so they have a bit more swimming area.

And, if this tank really sets off and I'm liking it, I may move it to work. Or buy another Spec for work if I can get another for cheap. And stick a betta in it. Yay.

Fauna will be 3 male fancy guppies and maybe some cherry shrimp or something in the future. Might change to something like endlers or chili rasboras.

Let's go!
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