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Surrounded by Blyxa
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Fish have been in for a few days.

15 Espei Rasboras
5 Orange Zebra Otos

Everyone seems happy so far!

Blyxa had a partial melt ( still some melted leaves present ) and I have refrained from overly cleaning the glass for the otos. Blyxa has actually grown quite a bit since I got it last week. CO2 has been up and down and I am fighting a tad big of algae now, but it's under control. BGA is gone. Installed a Sera Flore 500 to replace my inline CO2 atomizer. Difference is night and day. No more soda water!!! CO2 is nailed down now. Trimmed the HC a couple days ago so it's bouncing back.

On that note -- anyone have some tips on managing HC trimmings? It's a frigging mess. Right now I am using a net, but it's very time consuming. Is this just the modus operandi?

Short Video

Oto cat and his new buddy.
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