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Update Week 2

Just done my weekly trim and I had a lot of plants floating even when I had not touched them which I found weird. The roots don’t seem to be growing, or maybe I am just being impatient :crazy:
I noticed some algae on the sides of the tank, and also what looks like brown algae on the rocks, so I decided to add 3 ottos to the tank. I did a test of the water before I added them, here's the results:

PH: 6
Ammonia: 0.6
Nitrite: 0.0
Nitrate: 0.0

I will monitor the water everyday encase I get a spike, I’m now doing 50% WC ever 3 days as I’m now in week 3 after today but if I get a spike I will do them more frequent.

Before Trim

After Trim


55L iwagumi tank - 12 Harlequin, 2 otocinclus, 9 Cherry Shrimp, 1 Assassin Snail.

200L Malawi Cichlids tank - Cycling.

30L Planted tank - Cycling.
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