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It's been a really busy past few months for me so the updates have been rather slow. I've been taking pics tho so not to worry I have a bunch of cool stuff to share I just need to find the time to sort through everything and post some stuff. I had mentioned on other threads over at APC that I was going to try to culture fruit flies and see if I could pollinate my flowers. I looked on the internet and found a few places to get cultures from but never got anywhere. For a while I had been trimming my plants and leaving the trimmings in this styrofoam bucket, over time the decaying plant matter attracted fruit flies and now I have a pretty active culture of flies sitting in the middle of all my humidity domes. I threw in some fruit and other stuff and they are really loving it. I'm hoping to get a few flowers pollinated this season. I was able to some how get a few more fruits on a few of my C. wendtii species. I have a few pics to share of the newly discovered see pods. I counted 6 so that is going to be pretty cool to share. I am also looking to take a HD video of some of my setups to share with everyone. Anyways here are some pics, enjoy

Here is that bucket of flies I was talking about, Looks nasty but there are tons and tons of flies in there.

C. moehlmannii

C. lucens

Not sure of this species but It's commonly called C. nevellii , it reminds me of a mix between a willisi x lucens and a lutea

C. spirialis 'dwarf', next to C. ciliata this is the coolest spaeth I have

My chain swords are starting to send off runners

C. ideii, somehow this one melted completely but came back strong. It's that oak leaf litter I've been using. Stuff is really helping some of my melted plants come back!

Here is a species of C. undulata that I've had for a few years now, it's flower is almost identical to my common species of C. undulata but overall the plants look nothing alike. This species is very sensitive and melts at the drop of a hat. It was entirely melted but has come back strong. I've only had one flower ever from this species. Coolest flower too, so many shades of the same color.

Some species of C. cordata, I think

More to come over the weekend
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