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would you accept some Eriocaulon parkeri as a trade for the shrimp? they sell from 7-11$ each. They are a great plant and are the only Eriocaulon sp. that does not need Co2 to live, they can live in medium light, root fertilizers are a plus as they are heavy rooters. I also have one downoi plant and a few stems of ludwigia sp. red plant if your interested but those do like high light, co2 and fertilizers. I live in central austin so i can get to all of austin. Let me know if you want to trade and how many plants you want i have a few. My Crystal got some hydra a few weeks ago from a plant seller and i lost a good bit of my stock so this would be great. Anyways let me know if you want to trade Thanks, take care.

Edit: here is a list of plants i got up for trade and my value on them. the prices are on the very cheap side, I paid over 25% more for them ea.

Ludwigia repons 5 stems .75$ ea, I paid 1$ea
ludwigia sp. red "hybrid" 3 stems 2$ ea, I paid 3$ea
erio parkeri 2 plants 8$ ea, I paid 11$ ea
Downoi 1 plant ROOTED 7$, I paid 10$ ea
water sprite 1 big bush 10" tall 3$ Cant remember what i paid
stargrass 5 stems .50$ ea, I paid 1$ ea

I don't know how much you value your CBS & CRS at but this is just a ruff guide on what i value the plants at. let me know what you want and maybe we can work up a deal. Thanks.

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