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Thanks CatB and 2in10

Had a few issues with my drop checker not going back to blue at lights off , problem now sorted. may upgrade to a ceramic atomizer.
Stopped upping my CO2 and backed off a touch now as i spotted a shrimp sitting there opening and closing his mouth/pinchers ? well it looked like he was gasping a touch on the bottom.

Nearly now on my 2nd week of my new ei dosing feed. followed the instructions from the supplier to make my mix.

Macro -4tsp KNO3, 1tsp KH2PO4 and 6tsp MgSO4 in 500ml of water
Micro - 1tsp chelated trace in 500ml water.

Both dosed 3 times a week on separate days at 10ml per day. with a 50% water change on sat .

Ill give it a month and see if i need to alter the ratios any.

heres a shrimp
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