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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
You guys need to check out the Planted Aquarium Store, great selection and good prices. Got 8 galaxy rasboras for $3/ea, ludwigia sp, telanthera, other red plants were about $2/bunch, nerites are $1-2 each! They have dwarf shrimp which are decently priced, rilis for $6 or so too, beats Neighborhood Fish Farm for nano/freshwater.
Definitely +1 for the Planted Aquarium Store! They are always super nice and so helpful w/ any issues. I was in there 2 weeks ago and they had a mustard gas betta and a teal dumbo betta - they were gorgeous! I definitely think they have the best, healthiest selection of bettas around! And they hooked me up w/ a plant supplement starter kit - I bought a 3pk of the potassium, nitrogen & phosphorus and the kit had a bottle of flourish - SO NICE!! I like that they actually listen to you and are always mindful of the budget. I hope they are there for a long, long time!!

If you haven't gone yet - GO!!

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