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Yeah, I forgot the name of the one in Portsmouth. I remember they had an awesome fishroom at one time, loooots of awesome cichlids and good equipment. Maybe that's why the NH Aquarium Society meets there...

Anyway, yeah, I stopped shopping there as well as Zoo Creatures because of the puppy issue. I don't think Little Shop of Pets in Exeter does, though. They were really big into parrots instead. They used to have a nice selection of freshwater fish, but it's been a few years since I've been down that side of the bay.

Ok, well, looks like I'll try Pet City in Seabrook next time I'm looking for local retail plants! Thanks for the info!


1 gal hex packed with one amazing Anubias nana
10 gal UGF w/1 blind Goldfish & non-rooting plants
29 gal planted with Platies and Black Kuhlis
36 gal hex with Java Fern and common Goldfish
46 gal Bowfront with asst. plants and tropicals
55 gal with three very large fancy Goldfish

Coming soon: 65 gal Dutch planted with Rainbows
RIP 125 gal w/very large common GF and BF Koi
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