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My Juwel Reckford 25 gallon

Very new still to underwater plant keeping, but have spent countless hours researching there needs and im quite confident
I have 2 tanks , both the same size , but my 2nd tank is for shrimp only

My tank
Volume: approx. 110 litres / 25 Imperial gallons.
Aquarium Size: 80 x 35 x 45cm external measurements
Bio flow 600ltr/hr pump and added a bag of ceramic rings in place of the carbon filter.And a small 300ltr/hr circulator
Lighting is DIY 2x 25watts spiral compact 65000kevlin
100 watt heater
CO2 is now pressurised,ceramic defuser. It was DIY up until 2 weeks ago

Brief introduction-
3rd of April 2012 - Tank was cycled with ramshorns and MTS.Then added a few neons and guppies.

Added 2 albino bristlenose and a hand full of red cherry shrimp.

been messing with tank nearly every day just trying to get it right
if you want to see the past photos of my tanks progression look here

this was about 2 weeks ago, lots of trimming to try keep things neat

Today -

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