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NEW: 30gallon tall riparium

So my dad & I have decided to start a riparium this Summer! Surprisingly it didn't take much convincing lol.

So we bought a 30 gallon tall tank: 24.25inch X 12.5inch X 24.75 inch

Click image for larger version

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We have to clear the area where we plan on setting it up so currently, we are still in the planning process.

Lighting: We already have T5NO (I think they're NO) bulbs. Four 20watt bulbs, 2 2700K and 2 6500K that we've been using to start seeds. My dad built a box painted white around it for better reflection.

Click image for larger version

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Can anybody give me any input on the usage of these lights that we already have? If not these, what about LEDs?

Filtration: I was thinking some internal filter from [Ebay Link Removed] It wouldn't let me post the link.

Heater: Some heater from ebay

Hardscape: Malaysian driftwood and river rocks. Don't have them yet but that's the plan.

Substrate: Pool Filter Sand. Haven't gotten that either haha.

Flora: We want to keep it simple. Sweet Flag is a big candidate because we have extra of that. Anything we can find at a local nursery or hardware store would be ideal. We're not trying to lead the hobby. Suggestions would be most welcome. We want to have submerged plants too (annubias, dwarf sag, crypts, maybe java fern). We haven't even ordered the planters yet.

Fauna: We're a long ways from that.
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