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If you want to dive right in and add high light/high maintenance plants with a moderate to high difficulty level, expect to do a lot more research and a lot of babysitting to keep your tank pristine. Again, the #1 problem people have when working this end of the hobby is not managing light vs. other necessities. This causes imbalance, and ultimately works against you every single time. If you scan the posts on this forum you will see that the same questions are asked over and over and over.... They all point to the same thing. Strive for BALANCE. Everything else will fall into place behind it.

As for your high light plants: Do you plan on only high light plants? What about stems? Crypts? See, it's not so simple to just say "sure, use the higher wattage" without qualifying how and why. The lower wattage is still PLENTY of light for 90% of the plants most people use.

Above I show you a video of my tank about 20 minutes after I pruned 2-3 POUNDS of plants out of it. This was 2 weeks ago. I should shoot another vid of it right now and show you how much it's grown in. I swapped out my 23w for 13w again in the meantime, because I just didn't want such high growth. It's still wildly growing everything. 13 watt CFLs are pretty darned bright!

Good luck.
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