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A lonely Tree 4 gallon bowl, now with clown kilies,

Updated. @@@@ new scape pics last page,,,Big thanks to newman for his awesome bowl which inspired me to start my own..

New scape,

Hi guys so i am a newbie here and saw newman planted bowl and i had a bowl lying around so though what the heck i will try something as newman planted bowl.
Tank: Its a bowl 4 gallon
Lighting is ikea table lamp says 7W equals 40 W or something CFl i thing as its spiral.
Substrate is:ADA aqua soil + a mix of gravel , just a tiny bit.
Starting my bowl as a DSM (Dry Start Method).
Plants: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis and i thinks its micro sword plant and also Green Pennywort + One driftwood.
Inhabitants would be just shrimps.

Day 1 . mixed ada soil and then topped up with some gravel. filled up with water and then emptied it to take out excessive nutrients.

Then added Lilaeopsis brasiliensis and sword plant. Also kept my driftwood in the bowl so that i know what space i have and where can i plant.

so pics now will keep updated.

let me know what you think or if my lights are ok or anything that would help me.

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