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Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
is that from the papaya line dk its an awsome orange and love the white baby that snuck in under her in the last pic lol
Yeah. Most of them look like orange creamsicles, but Cheeto-Dorito (roll the r) looks like a cheeto. The camera or monitor just doesn't capture the pigment well - it's nearly fluorescent in nature on her. The picture of her in the shadows (not backlit) is more accurate than the closer one - the closer one is washed out due to the camera compensating for low light combined with the low light being backlit through the shrimp.

She didn't start out colored! It came after sexual maturity and has intensified more and more. As babies they are white, but now that the pigment is getting stronger due to selective breeding, I swear I'm seeing a tiny bit of pigment on some of the babies. You can see this best from a distance when looking at the RANGE of babies, you see a few that look pinkish RELATIVE to the others. Here's a picture, trying to show this - look at the segment behind the chest, on the abdomen/tail and you see a faint tint of peach color. That is a 3-4 mm baby. I'm super excited to see how this season's babies finish out, but it will be several months before I know since I have to wait all the way to sexual maturity.


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