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Based on what everyone has suggested, here is my current plan for the tank. 2 drain lines to the sump. 2 return lines from the sump. 2 drain lines to empty the tank...

(4) 1" union ball valves. (2) at the drain. (2) from the sump to the pump.
(4) 3/4" union ball valves. (2) at the return. (2) for draining the tank.
Trigger Systems Ruby Sump 36x15x16
(2) Eheim 1262 pumps
(2) Eheim 300W heaters

All of the equipment will sit on a sheet metal pan with 3-4" walls just in case water spills. The pan will also have an opening for the floor drain.

We want to keep things quiet, and I've used eheim pumps on my computer. So I know they are quiet and last quite a long time.

What do you think? Are there a suggestion to improve?
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