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Originally Posted by Senior Shrimpo View Post
Nahh, what this oxygenator is accomplishing is it makes pure O2 gas. The chemical reaction insures it is pure.

Airstones are great and they really help, I have two in my 30 gallon alone, they raise oxygen in the tank but also add in other gases from the atmosphere (eh is that the right word? I'm tempted to say atmosphere haha) which aren't as good as pure oxygen.
You more or less got it. Having a pure source of oxygen that looks like it delivers a very fine mist of bubbles is going to help to get more oxygen in the water versus an airpump with a stone, basically analogous to all the work that goes on to get CO2 to dissolve in water for people that run high tech setups. Of course, there is roughly 20% oxygen present in the atmosphere and you are pumping a lot of air through the system with an airpump so I am not sure how it all balances out. The other gases from the atmosphere aren't going to cause any harm. It would be interesting to do some studies of dissolved oxygen on an aquarium running an Oxydator or similar device versus one running an airstone and see if their is any difference.

One potential advantage of the Oxydator is it appears to continually release very small amounts of hydrogen peroxide (not just oxygen) into the water. Peroxides before they are decomposed are very strong oxidizers which have some benefits for water quality, although I would be a little wary of long term exposure effects on the shrimp as peroxides will also attack living tissue.
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