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Originally Posted by Pen3 View Post
Are you going to mix in any colors or go all cw?
Well when I saw my friend's tank I really liked the all cool white color. Right now I have a mix of 10,000k and 6,500k and I like that blend so if the spectrum on the led's runs around 8,000k that'd be perfect!

Originally Posted by In.a.Box View Post
Did you remove the black trim yourself?
No actually, it didn't have a trim. I bought this tank from a guy for $20, the glass is pretty thick so it doesn't bow or anything.
Last year, the tank exploded
and i had to replace the entire back panel. I used super strong silicone and pretty thick glass and it looks great, doesn't need a rim or anything.

Originally Posted by zonamav View Post
I'm following, got a 36" 50 gallon that I would like to go LED on eventually. Good luck and keep posting!
Awesome! a 36"x18"x18"? good dimensions
I'll try and document everything. That's the biggest challenge i found when starting the project, not that many people had documented their builds properly so I had to research everything myself.

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40 gallon LED fixture
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