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I don't want to say it will fit for all but I did this even cheaper! For my first planted tank and with no knowledge, I had no idea where to start for lighting but I knew I wanted to learn more before investing the big bucks. I build all my canopies so that left the field wide open for lights as long as I could hide them under the canopy. Cheap and flexible were the priorities until I learned more what I needed.

My 20 gallon , first planted, had four temporary construction bulb holders strung along an extension cord inside a wooden hood. It gave me the option of adding more bulbs or different wattage until I found what worked. The bulb and holders totalled about $5 per light but they were as flexible as I wanted to make them. I could clip them on the wire or off to move with practically no effort.

A good way for me to get some experience for less than $20.
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