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Originally Posted by babyboyblue View Post
Number 3 or 4.
Originally Posted by Em85 View Post
#4. I agree with Bunfoo, #1 is too symmetrical.
Originally Posted by neueklare_ein View Post
No. 4 looks like the right one!

Thanks for the opinion guys, I will go home and make some changes and post more up.

Originally Posted by salmon View Post
id say #3 or #4. good hardscaping either way!

two pointers to mention. mock-scapes tend look way different prior to adding substrate so try to keep that in mind. also, make sure you wet or spray those rocks before settling on a scape (if you havn't already), quite surprising what a bit of water can do to change the appearance/color/texture of them, i forgot this step in my recent layout and i ended up with an very unwanted white patch on one stone.
Thanks for the tip, Once I have the hardscape nailed down. I am going to be trying 3 different substrates, not sure how I am going to do that, but the idea will be to simulate the textures and color contrasts.

I washed all the stones and didnt find odd patches as such, but I will mist them and take a look before i finalize it.

Originally Posted by Bunfoo View Post
Yup, the green one.
Cool, I'll post a pic up of the flipped one once I get home. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
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