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Mythin's Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long (Flooded 9/13/2012!)

Yep, another 12 gallon long thread. After seeing what everyone was doing with theirs and the cool shape of the tank I had to get one. I just got my other tank set up too, its been less than a month and Im already dropping down too much money on this new tank, oh well life is short.

Still trying to decide what I want to do with this tank, I haven't kept fish in a while, so I definitely am leaning towards minimal iwagumi with more swimming space and really short foreground plants.

Just got bored and set up a hardscape quickly just so I could snap some photo's. These are probably the stones Ill end up using but not the final hardscape layout, still working on that.

Equipment list so far:
Mr Aqua 12 Gallon Long
Brightwell Florin Volcanit Rio Escuro-XF
Some cheap T5HO dual 36" light 78w
Seiryu stones
Got a custom stand coming in tomorrow as well.

Planned Flora:
I am gonna be using pretty much exclusively e. hydropiper as my lawn, and maybe some s. repens.

I may need bigger stones?

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