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You guys have high expectations for me to get the scape looking right! Hopefully I live up to your expectations.

Originally Posted by alfalfa View Post
OP: Just make a big ADA sticker and tell everyone it is a Mini-S with some new micro-nano fish species you discovered in a bog on a trip to Asia.
You are a genius. I should've done this. Now I just need a plant that looks like a bigger version of a carpeting plant.

Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
Going to be a very dramatic scape, something that makes a statement from across the room then you want to get up close to see what is in there. Sure must have been scary moving those rocks in there.

Reminds me of this one at 3:24 in this ADA video.
Thank you!

Are you sure you didn't read my mind? I actually have this tank bookmarked because I wanted to do something like it with one of my nano's.

Originally Posted by synaethetic View Post
This forum needs more scapes with rocks which extend to the surface. Nice start, man.

More please. Join the club. Wish the bigger rock was just a few inches taller.

Originally Posted by styxx View Post
I tend to agree with prototyp3 and tharsis; these rocks are very large. Although I agree that far too many tanks underestimate the value of large rock in their plan, were each of the rocks you currently are using were about 33% smaller I think they would be perfect. Just my humble opinion, however I am eagerly looking forward to what ultimately decide to do with this tank.
I think depth and height wise they're fine, a little space on each side would probably work better. In the future maybe I'll move this scape to a 90p, for now I'll just be a dreaming student.

Thanks! I am too. This is super exciting.

Originally Posted by hidefguy View Post

I like the scape so far nice job, what are you going to do about the holes in the back?
I'm not sure right now... I could be lazy and have the water level lower than the holes, but I should do something. I have a diagram of the plumbing in the post under this.

Originally Posted by green_valley View Post
Well, any updates yet? I am really curious about your design of the plants placement.

No worries, I won't tell her. hahah, u evil
Eheim 2217 should be here at 6. Right now I'm figuring out plumbing. Maybe I'll draw a few diagrams of the scapes I have in mind for you guys to look at.
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