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So after some time away, I wanted to start up again but this time small. I had great success on a 20 gal long, so I wanted to do a 10 gal tank. But collectoritis is a chronic condition. After my 10 gal tank got too full, I went back to good old 29 gal tank.

Current stats
130w 8.5 hours a day 4.4 wpg
Modified experimental fert schedule
Used aquasoil
Pressurized co2
Cascade canister filter
Hagan elite mini filter as the co2 injector
0 kH 10 gH

I started off on EI dosing and with just 65W over it but I gotten lots of algae. Black brush, green dust and some new plants I bought came with some spirogyra. Man I really really hate spirogyra. I couldn't black out my tank because then it will also help kill my new tonias and erios. Especially my erio type 3. So I decided to lean the EI and increase my co2 and lights to encourage my plants to use up the rest of the ferts in the water column. I also added more plants to help suck up the nutrients.

Eventually because I didn't want to do water changes, bad knee, I wanted to use a PPS system so I can just top off the tank. After some adjusting, I came to a somewhat hybrid solution. A custom fert schedule that works with 4.4 wpg along with high co2. I don't use drop checkers anymore because co2 misting isn't dependent on the co2 thats dissolved but the gas co2 that is in contact with the leaves. That and if co2 gets trapped under the drop checker, its giving an inaccurate reading. Rather I just pay attention to the plants and fish. Just enough so that I don't kill my fish.

I'll give more details about my experimental fert routine once I completely nail it down. I have very little algae and I am working on how I can fert every single day with both micros and macros because my plants respond so quickly with such high lights. They can show changes in my fert schedule very quickly.

Its current state as of an hour ago. I have to trim it soon. But again no aquascaping just trying to make sure I can grow my plants to its best. Almost done. As soon as I can get just 2 more of my plant species growing at its best, I am going to working on scaping this baby. Erio type 3 and rotala indica 'bonsai'.

Been a hell of a road but I wanted to make sure I can grow it very well before I start scaping. I tried in the past but failed because of algae and my own inexperience. But so close now.

Thanks for reading guys

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