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Now I still had problems with a few plants like toninas in that I can keep them alive but they never thrive. Such a shame. Spent so much money on toninas. So after getting some help from some members and being inspired by kotoeloncat, I decided to get serious. So then I got pressurized co2, aquasoil and many many thanks to mrkookm for sharing his secret gH boosting formula.

I tried to aquascape before but now was all about growing plants well. Forget about scaping there was none. Trying my best to grow it without algae and the best colors possible.

Summer 09-Winter 10
Using 65W over 29 gal tank for 8.5 hours a day
Full EI fert schedule
Pressurized co2
0kh 8gH


I then tried a 20 gal long for experimenting with lower lights and higher levels for color changes. I had even more success.

Finally it was beautiful.

But then I got into an accident and gotten very sick in my last overseas class before I graduated. So then I took a year away from the hobby. All my planted died and all I really had left were shrimps.

I'm not a doctor in real life but I play one on this forum

My 29 gal tank

blackworms culture methods
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