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dr.tran's 29 gal high tech tank (not 56k friendly)

I started about 5 years ago and I was a complete noob. I didn't know much and I relied on some information I read over the years which wasn't always correct and I had a very rough start. But finally in the end I am starting to finally grasping it. Special thanks to kotoeloncat, mrkookm, and WfxXx. They have always tried to help me and kotoeloncat was nice enough to show me in person. Of course plantedtank forum has helped me tremendously as well. So I like to show you my 29 gal tank from its humble beginnings to what I have now.

Winter 08
Here's my stats
29 gal tank
2x 65w compact florescent lights for a total of 130W
DIY co2 with a glass diffuser
Modified EI dosing with just P and K dosing
Fluorite red

Trying to cut corners, I started off on fluorite red and used DIY co2. At the time I was very interested in keeping shrimp along with my high tech tank so I remember a post that said they don't dose N or micros because it may kill shrimp. So I actually tried to EI dose for a while without micros or N.

Looked good at first.

lol at first.

Then I decided to add a full EI dosing and collectoritis got me bad.

Too many plants to name but I grew them reasonably well. I had problems with certain plants which made me get a bunch of test kits and I kept trying everything.
Next phase in next post

I'm not a doctor in real life but I play one on this forum

My 29 gal tank

blackworms culture methods
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