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Taking a break from playing with my new aquarium. As you can see in the following picture, I intend to use my desk lamp as an aquarium lamp. It's a rather expensive lamp that I ended up not using because the color temperature strains my eyes too much. But, the shrimps seem to like it quite a bit. So, it stays.

Saw some crystal red shrimps at Nature Aquarium today. My tank isn't even set up yet. But, I couldn't resist and picked up a couple.

I also ordered an Eheim 2232 canister filter. I checked out some pipes at Nature Aquarium but seems all the pipes are too big for the 60-F. The only option I found through my extensive research is Aquatic Magic's 9mm pipes. I guess I have to use the green pipes until the Magic pipes arrive. Are there other options? I think I need pipes that are less than 5" in height and prefer 9mm pipes. Of course, I will have to convert the hose size from 13mm to 9mm.
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