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Here's some updated photos.
I'm having some algae issues-- mainly BBA and GDA.
I tied some marimo moss balls to the rocks. I still need to get one more ball to cover the rock on the far right.
I took out the glosso since its leaves looked too large in this tank. I'll probably give HC another shot, or maybe that cool new mini-glosso (e. hydropiper?).
I'm planning on getting some weeping moss to attach to all of the driftwood. I really want this to look very jungle/swamp-like.
The Limnophila mini 'vietnam' slowed down in growth quite a bit after i gave it a major hacking. I may have trimmed it too much. I hope it recovers because it looks really nice when its bushy!
Several of the yellow shrimp are berried. I can't wait to see some little baby shrimp! I hope the diamond head neons don't make a snack out of them, but i can only cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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