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Originally Posted by sumer View Post
Beautiful scape and girlfriend
I think these are lava rocks right !!
Waiting to see it planted and filled. BTW what plants are you planning on ?

Yep, you're right these are lava rocks.

I'm not completely sure yet. Have some idea, but need to decide. Pressure!

Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Those are some serious rocks, looking good
Seriously, thank you.

Originally Posted by prototyp3 View Post
Good deal on the tank, I was watching that setup sit for the longest time. My personal opinion is the rock is too big for the tank.

I find it funny that the lady is doing the heavy lifting while you're behind the camera. Girls + rocks + glass tanks = no way
I was too. Felt bad.

Rock or rocks? It looks different in person imo. The photos lack depth and 3 dimensionality. The eyes capture more detailing in the lava rock.

They are definitely bigger than normal, and I like that. People try to emulate the mountains with rock scapes, but the rocks are always small in proportion to their tanks. Why not use bigger rocks and make a more impressive mountain?

These are actually screen shots of a video I took of us scaping. The rocks were placed with combined efforts and I moved out of the way so it looks like only my gf worked on it. Without my gf's help, I wouldn't have been able to put the rock in the tank. I'm only 115 lbs. Add a 40 lb rock to me on top of a chair bending over into a small glass space = a recipe for disaster.

My gf is actually stronger than me. She was doing olympic level gymnastics
before she broke her spine. Good thing her spinal cord was not damaged.

Originally Posted by tharsis View Post
Pretty awesome deal! I really like the rocks but I agree that they may be a tad too big for the tank...they throw the scale abit out of whack.

It actually reminds me a bit of a salt-water reef set-up. A rock dominated scape with some well thought out plant additions could look really cool.
I'm glad you see it that way. The whole point was to have the scale out of the norm. I'm thinking about a small lava rock 4-6" ish in the front right to make the bigger ones look big, and also to balance it out with a nice trio. All the stone scapes I see have smaller rocks. I wish people would do something a little different sometimes. Not that Iwagumis in that style look bad.

I'm thinking pretty hard about my plant choices. I think HC would be a really good option, though cliche, it will enhance the sense of scale. On the other side, I'm almost out of money (college student) and growing belem would look good as well + I can sell portions for decent money.

Not sure about the back left corner though. I have pretty large triangular area since the left rock is pushed forward. I think I might just carpet it in the beginning and if I want to transform this tank I can do stems/tall plants in that corner.

I'm probably going to include a small school of green neons to further the scale and by keeping the school small x2 the sense of scale.

Originally Posted by kwheeler91 View Post
I second both of those notions.
Refer to the reply to prototyp3. It will respond to your thoughts if yours were the same as his.

Wow, I wrote a lot.
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