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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
I might suggest going a different way on the water temperature control. You may find the incoming water will vary in temperature enough to make it a hassle to fiddle with adjusting the hot and cold to get an even temperature. Since you may need to do some water treatment to some water, how about a cheap reservoir to store water while it comes up to room temperature and then pump it to the tanks? It might at first seem this would not be a problem in the Sothern states but I found it MORE trouble when moving here to central Texas. The water lines are not buried as deep as in northern areas. That leaves the cold water temperature to vary quite a lot. With eleven tanks I find it very nice to have a stock of water at the right temp to add to tanks during water changes or when I need to fish those fry out. Just bringing it to room temp brings it close enough to not shock the tanks.

Have you also worked out a steady place to sell fry or growouts? I'm getting out of breeding due to the hassles of trying to dispose of the fish without a shop or dealer who has a steady demand for my fish.
In regards too the water temp issue, i have thought this over for months now and the method i came up with seems the most logical and easy.

In regards too buyers, i have all lfs around ( atleast 7 of them ) literally begging me too sell them fish. I will have little too no overhead so they know my prices will be much better than what they currently have.

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