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I've never heard of anyone actually recommending any of those plasma type lights or whatever. Couldn't tell you a thing about them... except that I've never seen any or know where to look.

LEDs draw a heck of a lot less, regardless of fans and such. If you even swapped from cfls in your house to standard LED bulbs you can drop your lighting power consumption easily in half. From incandescent you are talk more like 1/5 of the power or less.

A Wingo fixture like your quoted one would probably draw around 180 watts or less running full bore. This a a estimated guess but:

48 xpg at 3.15V at 1000mA = 151.2 watts
3 Fan, 12v @ 0.32A = 11.5 watts
Controllers, guessing.. = >20 watts

And many people end up dialing everything back. So think more like 120 watts or so.
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