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Anubias Anyone?

Hey guys! Talked to Bill about this already, but I'm thinking I'm going to do another huge order of anubias from my supplier (by supplier I mean...guy i know who sells anubias). Last time I ordered I believe I got each plant for $2.75 after shipping because I bought in bulk. I did "tip" the guy though so I'm not sure on the exact dollar and cents number.

Anyway....I'm prolly gonna drop $100 by myself on some anubias which will get me about 40ish plants I'm thinking. A couple get banged up during shipping but he does sent extras I believe...or maybe he sent extras because I tipped him. But I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to get in on the order.

Like I said...I think it's going to be between $2.50 and $2.75 per plant which is a great deal. I imagine the more we buy the better the deal. Might even be able to get it down to $2.25 per plant. I know Bill said he was down to get some anubias nana, but everyone let me know how many plants they would be willing to order so I can figure out how much the guy will charge. They get shipped priority from California so it won't take more than 3 days to get here once I order. I figure we can all meet up and I can distribute the plants accordingly.

Ideally, I would like the money in advance because my bank account is only so large right now, but for those of you who don't have a paypal account or are unable to get me the money otherwise, I could spot you as long as you don't want a ton of anubias.

So basically...let's start a list. Name and number of plants you want sounds good. This is just so I can get a number together to see how much the bulk discount will be. If you give me a dollar amount I'm just going to take that and divide it by 2.75 for now, until I see how much the per plant cost will be.

I've bought from this guy twice now and I've been very impressed both times with the quality, size, and color of the plants. I do believe they are grown emersed, but they transfer well.

Also, here's the list of different types the guy usually has:
- Anubias nana
- Anubias barteri
- Anubias broad leaf
- Anubias lanceolata
- Anubias congensis
- Anubias short and sharp (probably minima with a different name)
-Anubias wrinkle leaf (coffefolia?)

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