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Originally Posted by gordonrichards View Post
If that is where the tank is going to go be very careful.

You'll be dealing with about 120 pounds of weight on the shelf.

Judging by the shelf its not ment to support that type of weight.

Check to be sure those tracks are screwed into the studs, otherwise you'll be ****** when the tank falls and you have 12 gallons of water in your office, not to mention a broken tank. :^(

I had similar apprehensions too! To test, I jumped on the shelf before placing the aquarium on it last night. I am about 170lbs. It supported me. Plus, I got a huge granite slab on the bottom shelf to keep the weight bottom heavy. With the slab on the bottom shelf, the whole shelf wouldn't budge.

The shelf is brand named Elfa and are purchased through the Container Store. I just contacted them regarding the weight limit. They claim 300lbs for my configuration and shouldn't have a problem as long as my aquarium weight is evenly spread out.

I might adjust the top shelf to be a few inches lower to be on the safe side... But, anyways, thanks for the feedback.
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