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Glad to hear wingoleds estimate sounds right. He did give me the impression of a friendly guy passionate about what he does.

I know what you mean about RGB led use. That is essentially another step closer to disco and spot differences. My ideal way of controlling temperature might just be to run 3 channels neutral white cool white and warm white and dim them against each other until I have the color I want. Its justa guess but that way each LED already has far more chromaticity than a single spike.

Does anyone know how those plasma things compare in electrical efficiency?

i realize most LEDS come in at about 150 lumen per watt, but the cooling fans, the PS etc. all contribute to a significantly lower fixture efficiency.

That chameleon advertised 17000 lumen (and my understanding is that fixture essentially brings its entire spectrum within PAR especially since so much less is in the blue) at 300watt consumption for the fixture that brings about 56 lumen per watt...not so grand.

From their specs:

Optimized Light Spectrum for Optimum Plant Performance
325nm - 800nm Extended PAR Spectrum (includes beneficial UVB & phytochrome wavelengths)
PPFD - 2000 umoles (incident - measured @ 12)
PPF - 300 umoles (average - measured in integrated sphere)
5600K - Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
95 - Color Rendering Index (CRI)
17,000 - Lumens
Borosilicate Glass with Hot Mirror Coating
(allows only 325nm - 800nm to pass through glass IR light reflected back into instrument)
Reflector Material - 90% Reflectivity
Optimum Coverage Area - 39 x 39 (1m x 1m) to 4 x 4 (1.22m x 1.22m)
Coverage Pattern ~ 160
Recommended Distance from Plant Canopy ~ 12 16 (304.8mm 406.4mm)
Light Orientation (facing down 90)
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