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It looks to me like the Chameleon solution would also cost 1400, and deliver a luminous flux of 17000 lumen. I don't see a reason to do the comparison with the 2000 PAR @ 12 inches as the entire output spectrum is usable and the color seems pleasant from a webpage anyways :p

If one gives the maxspect the benefit of the doubt and pretends blue light is as favored by plants as all others (it is not), then a 5 pendant fixture would give the equivalent lumen output. And incidentally pretty much use the exact same wattage of 300.

That is very interesting indeed!

The problem is then I have gone from many spotlights to one insanely bright spot on a quest for even lighting. Does anyone have experience how much control can be exerted with reflectors there? I presume this would be easily answered by someone who has run metal halides on a planted tank.
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