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Thank you for replying.

I had actually read your entire build thread JCGD. Very cool indeed. my guess was that with all components and supplies your total cost was around $800? Does that sound right? I don't mind the offers build fee of $400 at all, that sounds reasonable to me. Even so the offer clocks in at another $500 on top of that. It could well be justified, but I have no way of knowing that beforehand. As I am really not sure what kind of build quality, light distribution and adjustability I would get in return.

I think you have a point mentioning that I should consider non LED setups.
I realize that much of the trouble for LED applications for my purpose traditional methods do not have:

1.) spot lighting, uneven light

2.) difficulty achieving desired colors and control of color

I had never heard of induction lighting used in aquaria before. INTERESTING!

This white paper essentially states that from an efficiency standpoint LED's have replaced induction lighting. But if the fixture is significantly less expensive and immediately solves my coverage issues it might be the way to go. After all we really dont have the reef issue of needing MORE light in one spot we want the same light evenly dispersed. At least I do.

What would you suggest as far as induction goes? A single pro 400 or 2 two pro 200?

If you were suggesting two pro 400 that seems like 4x the electricity to me. I would also not have a way of dimming that fixture and be quite worried of the amount of light THAT would put out.

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