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Time for an update.

CO2 is on hold until I get myself a Milwaukee regulator, local people seem to have really good luck with them and the price is right, plus the store is on the way home from work and I can pick up some coral or reef livestock for my fiancee's tank and PROBABLY have a good excuse for the credit card bill.
I even have a plan for getting her to sign off on buying or renting a cylinder from one of the local welding supply shops: she does airbrush tattoos and body painting Airbrushes run just great off CO2 so I can promise to let her borrow it before making it disappear into the back of my aquarium stand, never to be seen again (or for at least a few months till it needs a fill up).

I'm really not that whipped, or sneaky but it's more fun this way.

Today also marks the start of Operation: NoMoreBrownAlgae. I'm making myself promise to feed the fish less and do more frequent but smaller water changes. Hoping to get a handle on the crud without resorting to swarms of Otos but I might pick up a couple of the cute lil boogers anyways.

I guess that's it for todays update!
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