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a New Chapter

So i was lucky enough to win a wonder RAOK from wasserpest, that included bolbitis. you can see it here .

anyways so there was on thing i wanted to try to before the plants came in. so i did it. and for two days i liked it. you see i have begun to really enjoy hillstream loachs and i have upped my tank number from 1 to 5 in the past couple weeks. so i have been trying to create something that works for both my hillstreams and my Apistogramma borellies.

my package came in yesterday, so i spent the day tearing down the tank and putting in the new plants.

it took me about 5 hours to do it, i had to stop a few times and feed myself, and take care of my cats, but here it is now.

i'm not sure how much i like the set up, but i am open to suggestions. i switched from running one dual t5no light with 18 watt bulbs. i am thinking that i will need a second set-up of similar lights on it. but i'm not sure if that will be to much light.

i took out the kohaku koi swordtails they had become to food aggressive and i was worried the other fish were suffering, they are going to a friend with space in a 55gal. I moved my cory juli and my new panda cory to my shrimp tank to help clean it up.

anyway the actual fish counts are as follows

4 Apistogramma borellies (3 female 1 male)
5 Reticulated Hillsteam Loachs
3 neon zebra danos
2 Penguin Tetras
2 Rummy Nose Tetras
2 Corys (1 aneus 1 Albino)
8 full grown RCS (a few juvies unsure how many)
1 Ghost Shrimp
2 Bamboo Flower Shrimp
1 Blackberry Shrimp
1 Vampire Shrimp
1 Zebra Nerite Snail.


Hillstream/Boreno Loach Refuge

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