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Lost disciple

I'm starting a new aquarium, it's 29g tank, this time I'm trying to give it some nice scape. Since I'm really new to scaping, i would really appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm not sure what kind of plants I'm gonna use yet, but its gonna be some low,mid-high light plants, I'm not gonna use co2 as of yet. Ferts PPS-pro. Substrate is flourite black. any ideas on the plants, what I have at home are some amazon swords, cabomba, jave fern, anubias, sagitaria, taiwan moss...

Substrate: Flourite black
Ferts: PPS-pro, seachem root tabs
Equipment: 30" 2x24W Deep Blue Solarmax HO light with Zoomed bulbs(ultrasun,florasun), sponge filter and heater(these are temporary) i will use eheim 2213 with hydor inline heater. just need to get some tubing

Amazon sword
sagittaria subulata
cabomba caroliniana
some ludwigia
taiwan moss
anubias nana

LOST DISCIPLE a lil song for everybody who enjoys nature

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LOST DISCIPLE a lil song for everybody who enjoys nature

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