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I'm going to have to put in another plug for Forest Lake Pets... Simply IMO one of the better if not best aquarium stores in the state. Their selection of f/w fish was amazing. I've never seen so many types of different plecos in one place before. I made quite the haul when I was there buying everything from a few bushynose albinos to killifish (and I had at least 4 species to chose from of killifish) They even did have an alright plant selection in the back. They had all the seachem plant ferts including the the Aqua-Vitro line. The guys working there were very helpful (was the owners sons) Also much more reasonable than WOF as far as pricing goes. If you live in the TC area take the time to drive up to Forest Lake and check them out. I live in Rochester and it was worth the drive for me!

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