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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
Speaking of hassle,

I would say that going through the process for "low-tech," is infinitely more hassle than the cost of simply going pressurized!
What I consider my "low tech" its so boringly stable that I thought exactly the opposite .

One thing to consider is that I may be out of the "low tech" description (if there is any) because of my overfiltration. Which I believe (dunno really) its the trick. I literally top off with DI + 30ppm of GH from mosura mineral plus. water change to come back to 100tds when I hit 120+tds (every 3-4 months?). That is it.

Maybe Akadama DRL is not really inert after all, although I cant measure any nutrients with my test yet in the water column.

Nothing fancy in my tank tho, its pretty simple scape with mostly stems.

Therefore Im really exited to see what you are going to do, it will improve my aquascaping possibilities greatly!!

Looking forward for the next lesson Frank!

PS I saw that you added a index in the first post! very clever, that rules out my previous suggestion!

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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